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I just moved down to the South Bay, and a friend that lives in Lawndale said I have to try this place. I now know why! The food was great, and the service even better! John, the manager or owner or whatever he is, seems to know everyone that comes in here by name. I saw him switch from perfect English to near-perfect Spanish to what I can only assume is perfect Vietnamese, all in the matter of a minute! I mentioned my friend who told me about the place, and he rattled off 4 other names of people I may know that have been to his restaurant, asking if I know them. I did. Dude is good.

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After eating at Saigon Dish, my bf and I came to realize that we have been lied to all these years. The vietnamese restaurants we have been eating at in NYC are all unauthentic. We have been eating the westernized versions of vietnamese foods.

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Hidden behind Spires coffee shop, tucked away in a strip mall on the corner of Manhattan Beach Bl and Hawthorne Bl is a Pho gem -Saigon Dish. The magic of Saigon Dish is the result of a collaborative effort between John and his cousin. The legend goes: First there was John, single and working in the corporate life after getting his business degree; he was looking to make it big. Then there was John's friend, a family man and successful businessman; he was struggling to cut a balance between his business and quality time with his family - a perfect swap, John traded places with his friend. John quickly realized that running a restaurant was not easily and brought in his cousin. Between John manning the dining room and his cousin, the kitchen, they created quite a gem of a restaurant.

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WOW! I loved our server. I think he was either the owner or one of the managers. He was VERY personable and knew 95% of the people's names who came in dine/pick up. His costumers are loyal to the business!! I wish they had this type of customer service in Arizona. Why do you have to be so far away Saigon Dish? *tear* ;(

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There are many reasons I keep returning to this place. Most importantly, the food matches their outstanding service. I dare to say that as an Angeleno, I've been to many a pho spots throughout LA County and this one takes the cake. Seriously. I go there are least twice a week and I've never left a bowl empty there, and despite stuffing my face throughout decadent food tours, lavish cook outs and pretentious high-profile restaurants, it just doesn't hit the spot and I beeline it for Saigon Dish as soon as I can. There's really nothing that compares. Honestly - I'd like to see my W-2 for my tabs here; it would be mind-blowing. The pork and crispy shrimp rolls, I want to marry them SO much. The spicy beef noodle soup is hearty and packed to the brim with all kinds of tendon, meatballs, brisket and raw steak which serves as a good alternative to the pho (as does their udon soup! #21, yay!) on days when you're feeling more adventurous.

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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this place. Easily best viet food in the area. I love that its clean and i'm not embarrassed to take my co-workes to. They speak english and take credit cards...yay! The food is pho-nomenal :p i love their bun rieu. One of the few places i know that serves it. The bun bo hue is top notch. My coworker is such a picky eater and he loves saigon dish as well. He swears by the #46 (com bo luc lac). The meat is very tender and juicy but its a little too sweet for me..but to each his own. The service here is outstanding. Easily the best customer service in any viet restaurant i've ever been too. And that’s saying a lot because i'm vietnamese and i've been to them all. The owner has a memory that is amazing. No wait, amazing is an understatement. His memory is SICK. Seems to know everyone and very engaging. Genuinely cares about his customers. Don't listen to some of the haters online. Just come in and see for yourself.

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