Saigon Dish Vietnamese Cuisine


There are many reasons I keep returning to this place. Most importantly, the food matches their outstanding service. I dare to say that as an Angeleno, I've been to many a pho spots throughout LA County and this one takes the cake. Seriously. I go there are least twice a week and I've never left a bowl empty there, and despite stuffing my face throughout decadent food tours, lavish cook outs and pretentious high-profile restaurants, it just doesn't hit the spot and I beeline it for Saigon Dish as soon as I can. There's really nothing that compares. Honestly - I'd like to see my W-2 for my tabs here; it would be mind-blowing. The pork and crispy shrimp rolls, I want to marry them SO much. The spicy beef noodle soup is hearty and packed to the brim with all kinds of tendon, meatballs, brisket and raw steak which serves as a good alternative to the pho (as does their udon soup! #21, yay!) on days when you're feeling more adventurous.

As a bonus, it's fast and cheap with stellar service, which means a lot when you consider a lot of the other Vietnamese/pho joints in Los Angeles who often make you wait long enough to have dried an oil painting and are unapologetic as they converse behind the counter while thirteen tables are wait for service (I'm looking at you, Legend Noodle). At Saigon Dish, the wait staff never leaves you hanging; they seem to genuinely want to be there to provide great service, which they do without argument - they have their regulars, many of which the main server knows by name. During peak hours the place is still consistently calm and cozy. There's nothing that can help spoil a meal faster than a restless crowd when all you want to do is come in for some comfort food on a rainy day. Even the regulars are nice.

I had take-out today and Johnny had, again, all bases covered. Finished my sentence for me when I told him what I'd ordered while his right-hand man brought out my order without even having to ask. Relief and appreciation for a gem of a restaurant that's always a nice place to go to with amazing food.  

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